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Dear Patients and Friends,

I am happy to announce that the office will reopen on Monday, May 11.

There will be a few changes.

1. Please wear your mask when you come in. While getting spinal adjustments, some masks may make it a little difficult to breathe. It might be be easier to use a scarf. If your mask doesn't work, I will have cloth masks available.

2. We will be seeing less patients per hour. Your appointment time will be your appointment time. Please come at that time......not 15-20 minutes early.....or 10-15 minutes late.

3. I am going to try to have a maximum of 3 patients in the office at any given time. One in the adjusting room, one waiting across from the adjusting room, and one in the reception area. If you are at all uncomfortable with the number of people present in the office, there will be some outside seating available.

4. I will be sanatizing the office every day. The adjusting table will be cleaned with lysol wipes between every patient use.

5. My staff will begin taking and making calls for appointments today (Wednesday). Those of you that are on my maintenance care program will be called. My staff will return all calls when a message is left that you want to schedule an appointment.

We are all looking forward to going back to the office. Statistics show that the NW side of Tucson is one of the safest places in the world to live. Since the beginning of the year there have only been 1-5 cases of covid19 infection in the entire 85739 zip code. UV light kills the virus, and we have plenty of sunshine here in Tucson/SaddleBrooke.

We will do everything possible to ensure that coming to our office will be a comfortable experience.

In better health,

Dr. Craig & Carol Brue